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Free Parking
Dining Area
Washing machines
Attached Bathroom
Free Wifi
Electrical cabinets
24X7 Room Service
Kittle/electric tea maker
Personal garden area and swing
Dholavira Tent City
Royal Stay

Dholavira Tent City

Dholavira Heritage Tent Resort offers superlative experiences that provide the always-connected traveller with ample choices to rejuvenate and unwind.

  • The open space & sitting area will surely leave every nature lover smitten. Laze around the campfire as you enjoy a perfect ending to your day.
  • Gujarati folk music or a dance performance is another standout experience that will allow you to truly soak in the cultural essence of this beautiful land!
  • A veranda space equipped with lounge chairs ensures relaxation.
  • The tents also have a study table and an assortment of some of the best classics to accompany your leisure.

Destination for foodies

  • Dholavira heritage tent resort offers a tranquil oasis at the Multi Cuisine Restaurant savouring buffet: breakfast, lunch, high tea & dinner options in charming splendour for a privately arranged romantic way or special family meal.
  • Guests can enjoy a wide range of delightful delicacies in the quiet ambiance of the on-site multi-cuisine restaurant.
  • Each entree is prepared with spirit from the old country whilst bursting with flavour from fresh ingredients. Menu options range from Indian – Gujarati, Punjabi, and Continental to International – Italian, Mexican, Oriental and Lebanese to name a few.
  • A glimpse of the brunch arranged on request. We also make arrangements for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries etc.