Dholavira where story begins

A journey to the archaeological remains of Dholavira is akin to travelling back in time. The drive from Bhuj to Dholavira is enchanting through the flat Rann of Kutch stretching for miles, covered in sand with a shimmering crust of salt. The lonesome asphalt road cuts through the vast wilderness, bereft of any vegetation and not a single soul in sight. It might appear like leaving an era to enter another, lending a poetic touch to the journey in search of a lost civilisation.

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Dholavira Tent City

Dholavira Heritage Tent Resort offers superlative experiences that provide the always-connected traveller with ample choices to rejuvenate and unwind.

  • The open space & sitting area will surely leave every nature lover smitten. Laze around the campfire as you enjoy a perfect ending to your day.
  • Gujarati folk music or a dance performance is another standout experience that will allow you to truly soak in the cultural essence of this beautiful land!
  • A veranda space equipped with lounge chairs ensures relaxation.
  • The tents also have a study table and an assortment of some of the best classics to accompany your leisure.

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The perfect gateway
from home

It is not just the ruins and fossils but the pristine nature that attracts nature lovers. The soothing sunset every day and the white Rann turning into a silvery landscape during the full-moon night are memorable experiences. The flock of flamingos visiting the Rann Lake is a sight to behold. The folk music, Kutch embroidery by women, leather craft and delicious Kutch cuisine completes the Dholavira excursion.

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